Natural and Organic Industry

LeBeau Excel maximizes Salesforce for real-time feedback, instant communication, and efficient sales data delivery, ensuring smart planning, targeted presentations, and data-driven decisions with competitive insights.

Reporting Services

LeBeau Excel leverages the world’s leading CRM sales application, Salesforce, empowering us to deliver exceptional reporting that reflects real-time feedback directly from the field. Through Salesforce Chatter, we can instantly communicate with each representative, providing timely updates and field images directly to our suppliers’ inboxes. Salesforce equips our representatives with detailed sales data on a store-by-store, SKU-by-SKU basis, enabling them to intelligently plan store visits and sales activities. This enhances efficiency in their call cycles and ensures targeted presentations. Additionally, we gain valuable competitive SKU insights and can swiftly access market data on competitors, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Join Our Family of Brands

LeBeau Excel works exclusively with brands and partners that fit within the natural and organic industry. Connect with our team to see if we are a fit to work together.