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A family of highly experienced individuals within the Natural Industry, utilizing our multi-channel sales knowledge and extensive network to connect your brand to the right partners. 

Leaders in the Natural and Organic Industry

As leaders in the Natural and Organic industry, we draw inspiration from brands that promote wellness, natural ingredients, and quality products. Our dedication is to support these brands, working tirelessly to help them succeed and excel in the market. With a robust team of multi-channel sales experts and a strong network of retail and industry partners, we leverage our extensive knowledge and top-level business intelligence to connect brands with the right partners and online channels. Through trust in the market, we aim to propel their business forward, achieving results beyond their expectations. For us, growth is inherent – it’s what we strive and work for, driving us to consistently push boundaries.

LeBeau Origin Story

LeBeau Excel was established in January 2010 by Matt LeBeau, driven by a desire to move away from large corporations and embrace the values of a family business. Having gained entrepreneurial experience and leveraging his extensive contacts and solid reputation, Matt saw an opportunity to create a unique and differentiated company. Today, with 30 employees across Canada, LeBeau Excel collaborates with 33 brands in the Natural and Organic landscape, guided by a passion for promoting wellness, natural ingredients, and quality products. As leaders in the industry, we are dedicated to helping brands succeed by leveraging our multi-channel sales expertise, strong network, and market trust to connect them with the right partners and online channels. Our commitment to growth is ingrained in our work, driving us to consistently go above and beyond for the brands we support.


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