National Sales Coverage

Our People, Your Brands

We have dedicated teams in key regions across the country, including Quebec, ensuring comprehensive coverage that extends to often overlooked areas.

Your National Sales Team

We maintain a dedicated team in each significant region across the country, including Quebec, extending our coverage to areas often overlooked. In contrast to some competitors who utilize contract representatives juggling multiple product lines, our team consists of full-time employees. Our proficiency in managing wholesale data is evident through the utilization of Salesforce, enabling us to closely monitor and promptly address issues within specific chains. Tasks are efficiently assigned to salespersons for comprehensive coverage. Every sales call is meticulously logged into Salesforce, and vendors receive a monthly report from each representative detailing brand-specific activities. Currently, we conduct approximately 16,250 independent, in-person sales calls annually.

Join Our Family of Brands

LeBeau Excel works exclusively with brands and partners that fit within the natural and organic industry. Connect with our team to see if we are a fit to work together.